Let me just start with this the entire staff is completely awesome. They are all welcoming and friendly. And not in the fake " I'm at work so I have to be nice" way, in a genuinely concerned how you are doing way. I was so accustomed to the shaming tactics dentist used to get patients to be compliant with brushing and flossing and I absolutely dreaded going to the dentist. My experience here was completely different! Shannon is super sweet, has a really gently touch which again was different compared to previous cleanings at other locations where the floss was quickly and forceful dug in to my gums in effort to quickly get it done. Dr. Yacoub again was so genuine and took time to understand what I really was self conscious about regarding my smile and what was overall important to me. She didn't just walk in with her own agenda. Blanca does a great job with insurance and explaining it in way the makes sense. Patty I meet the first time and she also was very nice and help make sure everything with my treatment went smoothly. I finally feel like I have the smile I've always wanted and it's all thanks to Dr Yacoub. I've never been so happy and pleased with a dentist or overall healthcare provider. Dr. Yacoub and her staff really set the bar high and I appreciate the genuine care and exceptional work they provide! Thanks girls!!!


I always have a great experience at Dr. Yacoub's regardless of what dental work is being done. Dr. Yacoub and her staff make me feel like family, and all are always caring and considerate. As for my dental work, I'm never disappointed!


Simply the best dentist i have found. Great clinician. She has helped me with my dental care and also overall health concerns. I never have to wait for my appointment - they are ready for me. Dr Yacoub has high standards, and if she does the work, she does it well. If she refers to someone else, her referrals are also excellent.


I have had the greatest experience ever at that welcoming dental office. They treat you with the utmost respect. The staff is very polite and cheerful. Always looking out for the patients and their health. Willing to help you out and work with your schedule. Great place. Dr. Hilda Yacoub is awesome.


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