What Patients Say...

We are so honored by the comments our patients make about their visits to our office. We value and appreciate them.
Everybody in here has such a positive attitude and it's a pleasure to come in.

Dorothy C.

I wouldn't trade you guys for anything.

Sandra K.

This is the only place I can relax.

Diana F.

My physician said that he has never in his life seen such a thorough dentist and make sure to tell her.

Alyce O.

I just close my eyes and let you guys take care of me.

Linda E.

I have never seen a healthcare professional in any field that is so thorough and with such a thorough staff that dot all the I's and cross all the T's.

Dr. TL B.

This is the most relaxed I've been in months...This is like the spa for me.

James B.

You do such nice work, the temporaries you put on my front teeth looked better than my own teeth.

Debra E.

Thank you to you and your kind and courteous staff for the best dental care that I have ever experienced. I appreciate the warm welcome and friendly smiles I receive when I arrive for an appointment.

Marvin & Shirely R.

I'm just being totally pampered today. I haven't had this much attention since I can't remember when.

Jan B.

I've never been in a dental office where everyone was so nice to each other.

Barbra N.

It's tough to go to the dentist but you make it so comfortable.

Ken B.

I'm usually hard to please, but I rest easy when Dr. Yacoub and her staff take care of me.

Lynn H.

You have a happy office and it makes the patient feel good.

Dee F.

Your the gentlest dentist I've ever been to.... I love coming here.

Bill B.

I love being here... you make me so relaxed.

Debra E.

You guys are all so wonderful; it makes it 1000 times easier.

Erin K.

You guys are really sweet here and help out all the time.

UPS delivery man

This office is my “happy place” she (Dr. Yacoub) has the perfect chair and now she has fish.

Sara C.

You guys work so well together, it's comforting.

Ricky B.

I'm so glad I found you guys!

Marianne H.

That looks better than i could ever imagine. (when he saw his veneers for the first time)


These are the teeth I have always wanted.

Sandra K.

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